Welcome to the work group for synthesis and characterization of innovative materials

Prof. Dr. Tom Nilges

Our workgroup on focus online: Up to 1000°C heat - A professor shows a chemistry labs daily routine

Since its formation in 2010 our work group engages in the synthesis and characterization of innovative materials. In our focal point is inorganic solid state chemistry and correlating analytic methods i.e. X-ray diffraction, conductivity and phase transition measurements. Beside the classical powder Rietveld-analysis we conduct non-harmonic refinement of single-crystal structures.

 New cathode materials and ion-conductors for batteries, next to thermoelectric materials, are part of our effort to make energy usage more effective and efficient. For fundamental research we also study polyanionic compounds and their electrochemical and physical properties.

 Our teachings include basic solid-state lectures, as well as special material science in the bachelor degree course Engineering Science of the Munich School of Engineering (MSE).

Research topics

Non-harmonic Refinment of Crystal Structures
Batteriematerials and Ion conductors
Main Group Chemistry
Thermoelectrics and Energy Materials


Sealing of a quarztube
Semiconductor crystals
ICP-flame and sample tube
Electron density map
Single-crystal XRD frame
Syntheses crucible
Single-crystal through microscope
Alaun single crystal
Needles of the semi-conducting material SnIP - Picture: Andreas Battenberg / TUM